Sunday, May 25, 2008

Support for the Hunter Family

Many people have shared food, time, energy, music, love and more. At this time the Hunters are saying thank you, and are cooking and managing on their own. We will be contacting people on the list if there is a need for food or help with the farm.
There are a number of music benefits coming up mid- July (see main page for details), an important link to the Tom Hunter Family Fund for donations to the family; and a link to Tom's music company (The Song Growing Company) to order CD's and books. Thank you thank you for your loving kindness.

Chores: Yard Work and Animals

We have started a list of people interested in helping with yard work, chores and the animals. To add your name to this list please comment under this posting. We will contact you when work parties are happening or there are specific chores. If you signed up at the Church you have already been added to this list. Thanks